Tips On Choosing The Right R-22 Replacement

One of the best decisions that has been made in recent years was the elimination of the coolant called Freon. It is also known as R-22, a chlorofluorocarbon that was single-handedly destroying the ozone layer. Once this was determined, replacement coolants were derived. This came from much experimentation by scientists that were experts in this industry. If you are using a refrigerator, air conditioner, or any other type of unit that produces cold air, you may have to replace the Freon that you have in these units. At the very least, by the year 2020, Freon will no longer be a viable coolant. It will be discontinued on a permanent basis. Therefore, you need to find a replacement for R-22 which can do the same job, or may even be better, without harming the environment. These are a few tips on choosing the right R-22 replacement that you can use with all of your appliances and machines that produce cool or cold air.

How Does Freon Affect The Ozone Layer?

Freon is a chlorofluorocarbon. It is the combination of these chemicals which eventually leads to the breakdown of ozone. Over the course of decades, the size of the hole over Antarctica was shown to grow, clearly showing that the ozone in the upper atmosphere was dissipating. Once there were restrictions on how much of the chlorofluorocarbons could get into the atmosphere, it started to recover. This contrasted directly against those that simply thought that this was a natural part of the process of the world. Therefore, it is because of this that Freon was discontinued, and it will be officially gone in a few years. What needs to be done now is to find a replacement for R-22. There are actually several that can be used for this purpose.

Replacements For R-22 That Work

One of the best replacements is called TdX20 from It is said to be a direct replacement for Freon. There is no need to modify any aspect of the machines that are using this. It is chemically similar in the way that it operates, but it is not a chlorofluorocarbon. Another one is called R410a. It has a very high safety rating, and is actually known by the brand name Puron, a product that is very effective. In fact, it has been shown to have a higher safety rating, and in regard to the ozone layer depletion, it has absolutely no effect. It is also energy efficient, more so than Freon, making this one of the top replacements for R-22 that must be done very soon.

Do You Need A Professional To Help You?

You do need to have a professional help you. This is something that absolutely needs to be done. If you are unable to find one in your community, there will likely be several that can help just outside of your area. Due to the necessity of replacing Freon more HVAC companies than ever before are getting the training on how to do this. They must use special devices to first extract the Freon, without it leaking, and then inject the new coolant in its place. As for the disposal of the R-22, there are different ways that this can be done which are handled by the professionals. The goal is to make sure that this gas never gets into the atmosphere, and by destroying all of it as the replacements occur, we are contributing to saving our ozone layer.

Are There Any Other Replacements?

R407C is another replacement that you may want to consider using. It is considered to be very efficient. Another one is called MO99, a coolant that can be put in place of Freon immediately. Some modifications need to be made on certain systems. The HVAC professionals will understand what these modifications are, plus they will be able to undo them for you as well. You may want to get multiple quotes from different professional services that can replace R-22 for you.

Does It Really Matter If You Only Have One Machine With Freon?

There are some that wonder if doing this replacement is really going to be helpful. For example, they may state that they have never had a leak on any of their equipment. They may also state that they only have one machine and a small leak could not really do that much damage. Unfortunately, there are millions of people with these machines, and if all of them begin to leak over the decades, especially when they are thrown away, you are exacerbating the problem. The main concern that people have is how much it will cost. Some of these individuals own businesses. They are afraid that it will cost thousands of dollars to replace the Freon. This is something that will motivate people to not have this exchange. However, it is something that is going to be very helpful, and is mandatory very soon. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get quotes from HVAC companies that can do this for you.

Once everyone has done their part, or at least the vast majority of people that own these machines, it’s going to be a promising future. As we eliminate Freon, and prevented from leaking into the atmosphere, we are going to be doing something important. We are preserving our atmosphere, and protecting the ozone layer which protects us from ultraviolet rays. For those that are living now, that may not seem to be that important. However, as the years pass by, and these problems get worse, we will look back and wonder why we did not replace the Freon. It is important to remember that most of us only have a couple devices, sometimes one, that will have the Freon. Others have already eliminated the problem because they recently replaced a freezer, refrigerator, or an air conditioning unit. All of the newer ones will not have R-22 and therefore it will not be necessary to do anything. By finding someone to change out your existing coolant, you are actually benefiting those that will come later.

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