Green Living With LED Lights and Solar Water Heating Systems

‘Green building’ is an idea almost everybody agrees upon, but very few dare to attempt because of prohibitively high costs and architectural challenges. But some steps like proper ventilation and utilization of natural light in new buildings could save the world a lot of energy and money. As of now there are only 10-12 buildings that have been officially ranked as green buildings in India and they are largely in the private sector.

Anything that is constructed keeping the harmony of the environment in mind, is generally known as green construction. If not meeting all the parameters like eco-friendly building materials, waste management, etc. energy-saving methods could go a long way in contributing to the environment.

Researchers at the Institute of Technology, USA, believe that buildings can be designed to encourage airflow and maintain temperatures that minimize or eliminate the need for conventional air-conditioning systems. They have come up with computer-based tools to help architects design commercial buildings that cool them with natural breezes.

A building can be turned green through several simple means such as using solar water heating systems, the state electricity boards also provide several rebates to green household on their electricity bill if they meet the specifications.

The latest LED lights can also be useful in turning your premise green since they are environment-friendly and have no carbon emissions. Along with LED Lighting being the latest trendy affair in home lighting, Solar Water Heating has also become a smart home makers choice.

Available in various capacity models, Solar Water Heaters are a cost-effective investment – wherever you install them! Government approved and enables you to avail subsidy from the central / state government.

Evacuated tube technology Solar hot water systems come with a storage tank on top and are smart-looking too, unlike the old style flat plate systems. They help reduce on your daily electricity bills. So by using a combination of solar water heaters with LED lights for your sweet home you can actually power up your other electronic devices and machines such as air conditioners and all.

Having a solar water heater allows you to save electricity and thus money. It is also your way of doing your bit for the good of the environment. In the long-term the cost of electricity would become more expensive with the expected rise in fuel prices. Moreover, you may be facing a situation of irregular power supply in your part of the country. For these reasons, a solar water heater would allow you to have hot water even when the power supply is cut while at the same time enjoy savings off your electricity bill.

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