How to Organize Your Bedroom with Modern Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

Contemporary fitted furniture is a fabulous way to make the best use of your space. If you are struggling to find a way to keep your closets organized, then a fitted wardrobe is the perfect solution. These customized fitted wardrobes provide endless possibilities, including soft-closing drawers and doors, hanging spaces, rails, shoe racks and more.

Important consideration when investing in a customized fitted wardrobe

To understand the purpose of buying bespoke fitted wardrobes, you need to find out where you’d like the wardrobes to be fitted and for what purpose? For example, storing clothes in the bedroom, office files and stationery for a home office, tools and craft supplies for a garage, etc.

Another important factor that needs to be considered is the size of the wardrobe. Will it be fully fitted wall to wall, floor to ceiling? Or will it only occupy a specific part of it? With this information, you can easily determine the functionality and style of the wardrobe.

Endless varieties of customized fitted wardrobes

The beauty of a customized built-in wardrobe is that you can easily decide how small or large your fitted furniture should be; the material it will it be made of, and the types of drawers, shelves, and mirrors you want incorporating with it. These wardrobes can be easily customized with whatever colour, wood grain texture or material you like.

Fitted wardrobes come in a wide range of finishes, colours and styles, making it easy to find one that goes well with your interior decoration.

Flexible price

Another key benefit of modern fitted furniture is its flexible price. The price can vary depending on the type of customized design you choose. However, it depends on the fitted furniture manufacturer you buy from. Professional fitted wardrobe companies may charge a little more than a local DIY store, but the quality will be much better. Designers are quite flexible to work within the given budget as well.

Finally, if you do decide to move and choose to leave them behind, there is nothing to worry about. Made to measure fitted wardrobes add considerable value to your home so they are a perfect investment when selling.

Your room looks more spacious

Bespoke fitted wardrobes are beneficial for any type of house, big or small. Once it is installed, the original space will appear to be a lot larger than before. They use space very effectively and make a cluttered area a lot more sophisticated.

Make your home organized

Everybody would like their clothes and accessories stored in a convenient and organized way. Fitted wardrobes are one of the remarkable ways to keep your clothes in the best condition and shape. This is due to the fabulous internal design and innovative features of the wardrobe.


Handmade, bespoke fitted furniture for bedrooms, loft spaces and living rooms is the first choice to consider when perusing the dream of a more organized home.  

Buying Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture

When buying solid wood bedroom furniture you get what you pay for. The more you pay, the better the quality, although there are certain things you can look out for to ensure that you get the best possible quality and value from every dollar you spend. Here are a few tips on buying solid wood bedroom furniture with reference to two specific brands.

The two bedroom furniture collections to be reviewed are the Millennium Camilla range by Ashley and the Farnsworth collection by Broyhill – both American furniture manufacturers and both crafted from solid wood

The Camilla Range – Millennium by Ashley Furniture

In each case we shall look at the king bed, and also check out the other pieces available in the collection. Whether or not the bedroom furniture is part of a wider collection of home furniture is immaterial, since it is only the bedroom furniture we are considering here.

Crafted in brown cherry and cherry veneer, this Camilla solid wood bedroom furniture in the Millennium collection by Ashley Furniture is well finished to an attractive sheen. The case tops are finished with a pecan veneer which, together with the hardware in an antique bronze shade, offers an elegant and good-looking collection of bedroom furniture.

The king bed comprises a sleigh headboard and footboard, and a set of rails, slats and support legs. The headboard is 80 inches wide by 65 inches high by 11 inches deep with the footboard 83 x 36 x 11 inches. The rails are 8.75 inches from the floor.

The nightstands are 35H x 31W x 19D inches, with three drawers, the top one of which is felt lined for jewelry. The 55H x 45W x 20D chest has four full-width drawers and two half-width drawers at the top, the latter also being felt lined, and the dresser is the same depth, but 73 inches wide and 38 inches high. The dresser is fitted with eight half-width drawers, and comes with a beautiful mirror framed in the same dark cherry.

On the whole, this is a beautiful collection of bedroom furniture crafted in a traditional style by Ashley Furniture. Perhaps the only criticism could be that the selection is restricted, with no alternative to the sleigh bed design. It appears there is no under-bed storage which many people find essential. Apart from that, this is an excellent collection and offers a traditional style of beauty to your bedroom.

The Farnsworth Collection by Broyhill

In contrast, the Farnsworth bedroom furniture collection by Broyhill is a simple English design, not nearly as ornate as the Camilla, with square lines and finished in black. However, the collection offers an Old World charm that is completely functional with more pieces on offer than the above although again, only the sleigh bed design is offered.

The king bed sleigh headboard is at 79.75W x 56H x 8.75 in inches, slightly less than offered with the Camilla. You have the choice of a plain or storage footboard. The latter is dimensioned at 82.75W x 18H x 18D and comes with two drawers, providing the storage space that many find essential.

However, there is also ample storage offered by the chest which is 54H x 40W x 18D. The drawer arrangement is the same four bottom and two top as with the Camilla collection, but the edges are beveled giving the whole set a softer look than it would otherwise have. The top two drawers have slightly curved fronts.

The dresser is 60W x 42H x 18D with a 42 inch landscape mirror that is plainly framed in black wood. The drawer arrangement is the same eight half-width drawers. The nightstands are 30 x 30 x 18 inches, smaller than those in the above collection. Overall, in fact, the Farnsworth collection is smaller and less substantial than the Camilla range, but where it scores is in the extra pieces.

Broyhill have included a 4-drawer 46 inch media chest for your TV. To many, this is an essential item of bedroom furniture. If you want, there is also a small round pedestal table and chairs so you can either have more furniture in a larger bedroom, or take advantage of the smaller dimension of this collection for a smaller room.

Which is For You?

These two collections of solid wood bedroom furniture differ in several ways: one is in brown cherry, the other in black; one is in a traditional more ornate style while the other is plain; one offers only the basic pieces while the other offers a TV chest and table and chairs. One provides antique finish metal handles, while other has simply wooden knob pulls. Which should you choose?

In fact each of these collections, the Millennium Camilla by Ashley and the Farnsworth by Broyhill, are beautiful collections of solid wood bedroom furniture. Each person will make their choice according to their personal preferences and to their needs. However, one thing is sure: if neither of these attract you, there are plenty more to be found online and in your local furniture outlet showroom.

Brands to Consider When Shopping for Office Furniture

Shopping for office furniture yet anxious about which one to go for? You certainly want to be sure which brand is best aside from the specs. So, before a sales agent comes to you and starts preaching his polished sales speech to convince you to buy something you actually don’t need or eventually will regret about in the future, here are brands to consider when shopping for office furniture pieces.

Herman Miller

It’s a brand known for its inventive furniture designs that aim to improve human experience. It started manufacturing furniture back in 1905 under the name Star Furniture. Just recently, Herman Miller took home a Gold Stevie Award in the tenth annual American Business Awards in the Company of the Year – Consumer Products – Durables category. Isn’t that enough to say this brand deserves the first mention in this list?

The HON Company

HON offers many different office furniture solutions to decorate your workplace. The company is inspired by practicality and aspires to inaugurate purposeful product solutions that surpass market demands. They have an exhaustive line of file storage cabinets, chairs, tables, desks and cubicles. This brand is certainly among the good ones you should watch for.

Haworth Furniture

Haworth is known for its adaptable workspaces such as movable walls, raised floors and office furniture. It started from a garage back in 1948, and now it is one of the widely recognized furniture brands. Haworth’s full range of interior solutions can be seen applied in their Chicago showroom, which won the IIDA 2004 NeoCon Best Large Showroom Award. If you are curious about how their innovations can help you end up with very conducive workplace, you should visit their showroom.


Steelcase Inc. is another furniture manufacturer aiming to provide superior human experience by creating high performing and sustainable workplaces with the use of its line of innovative office furniture products. They started in 1912 and currently celebrating their 100th year anniversary. What is very attractive about Steelcase is that their creations are based on how people spend their time at work, which only means your efficacy is supported by their products.


TechlineUSA, carrying a reputation of over 40 years, is a leading maker of office furniture, laminate casework and millwork. Their product lines allow patrons to standardize and customize according to preferences. They started manufacturing residential furniture back in 1960s and experienced a greater demand, which prompted them to buy a new location and built a new factory later in the 60s. The competitive prices of their products probably have been a factor of their greater number of customers.


Knoll took advantage of modern design to unite its customers with their world. Their 70 year of existence is already a good proof that their brand has been gaining a great share of loyal patrons in the furniture market. Knoll product lines respond and adapt to changing needs. This means, no matter how you modify your workplace to serve your needs; knoll has the solutions.


This brand is known for its multi-functional seating product lines. If you are looking forward to enhancing the look-and-feel of your business reception area, different seating products from La-Z-Boy Contract Furniture can make a good reception seating arrangement. In 1971, the company introduced reclining office chair to the furniture market. Since then, they’ve been growing dramatically, now serving a broad range of healthcare and office furniture.


Talking about high-end office systems and related furniture products, Teknion should be the first brand to look for. It is like if you need mobile furniture, ergonomic seating, architectural wall systems, filing storage, freestanding casegoods and other several lines of systems furniture, Teknion is the name. The company only started serving the furniture market in the early 1980s with its office systems products, but their offerings are so in demand forcing them to expand their product lines to many other functional office furniture products in just a short period of time

Wholesale Furniture – A Better Choice!

Sometimes, people are confused as to how they are should furnish their new homes. This is usually due to the recent purchase of the house that drains them off most of the funds they had. Purchasing wholesale furniture online is a great option that could be very helpful in saving time, money and energy. Online stores that deal in furnishing complete houses have some really great mouth-watering deals. Buying furniture in bulk from the website could also help in saving a good chunk of cash.

Avoiding expensive furniture from the branded stores is what people normally look to do. Especially in case of furniture, the quality and price is compromised over aesthetics and style. There are big advantages of using a website over a physical visit to the store. Impressive deals and quick reviews of the whole collection are easy to obtain. It is thus recommended by the shopkeepers to take note of the model number of a particular item from the website and place an order.

Wholesale furniture also helps in furnishing the kids room, kitchen, guest room, bedrooms, living room, etc as almost everything can be found easily. People interested in furniture are always looking through online furniture websites for a variety of items that can make their homes look classier. The wholesale furniture stores have chests, beds, couches, chairs, tables etc. Some people also love to change their furniture at home to make it more luxurious. Wholesale furniture is thus a great idea.

The furniture that is sold online on the website is not only of the wooden type; many other forms of furniture could also be selected. Cane, plastic, iron, etc. can be good options. Comfortable furniture is hard to find, not every kind of furniture can provide you with your perfect definition of comfort. Some people want the comfort of a couch on every kind of furniture. Wholesale furniture may also include outdoor furniture like swimming pool benches, canopies, shades etc.

People who are buying furniture for the first time are always recommended to find the furniture for their home from online sellers of wholesale furniture. Massive discounts are found on most of the furniture online. Christmas offers are some of the most catchy that bring expensive furniture from the market to you at affordable prices. It is seen that most sales and discounts are found on the online market rather than in brick and mortar stores.

Tips to Reuse Old Home Furniture

Furniture is always being an important part of the house and it makes your house perfect. It is said that a house cannot become a home without proper furniture. But it is also true that nothing can last forever and so is your furniture. Every furniture item comes with an expiry date.

There are many reasons responsible for a furniture item not getting used any longer. The possible reasons are furniture expiry as mentioned early, user getting bored with a particular furniture item, furniture damage, destruction, etc. The thing I want to say is that a large number of furniture items are thrown away every now and then by many house owners. The reason is that most of the people do not know how to reuse their old furniture.

Here, in this post, I am going to discuss some good tips of using the old furniture.

Purchase Recyclable and Green Furniture: Though this is not the thing to tell now, but as this is the basic, so it is needed to be discussed. The best solution for preventing the wastage of items is recycling and this is also true for furniture items. Today many furniture manufacturers are introducing new recyclable and more eco friendly furniture designs so you can get a good deal online.

Reuse the Old Furniture: Instead of throwing the old furniture, you should think of all the possible uses you can make of it. There are many things you can do and many items you can make from the old furniture for example you can use top of the table as a board, tops of a stool as a frame or tray, old chair as a stool, or you can break the furniture to use its parts separately for different purpose.

Get your broken Furniture Repaired and Renovated: If it is possible to get damaged furniture repaired, go for it. You can prefer throwing a furniture item due to a minor damage and can buy a new one, but you should know that natural resources are limited and one day, they will be finished and then you will be left with no option other than reusing the old items, so why not do that from now on. You also have an option of renovating your furniture. You can find many articles on the internet on how to renovate your old furniture.

Sell it or Donate it: Though this is the last option to be followed, but I think this is the best option. There is always someone who can use your old items better. You can sell your old furniture if it is in good condition. There are many good websites that provide you with the option of selling old items for free. Other option is to donate the old furniture to a person, or an organization, a trust, etc.

Selecting Between Various Types of Wooden Furniture

There are various types of wood that are used for making furniture. Hence, people are always at a loss about which type of wooden furniture to buy. All woods aren’t perfect for all types of furniture. While solid wooden furniture has always retained its style and is easy to craft, it doesn’t mean that all solid woods are equal.

With regard to bedroom furniture, there are various types of woods that are used for making such furniture. Exotic woods like mahogany and teak fall under this category. The exotic woods are undeniably beautiful and lend a vintage and classic look to the furniture. Any bedroom that’s furnished with teak furniture always looks expensive and elegant. Furniture pieces are manufactured from hardwoods and they are mostly expensive.

Domestic wood is reasonably priced and furniture manufactured from such type of woods are mostly less expensive. Domestic woods widely used for making furniture include softwood like redwood and pine as well as some hardwoods like cherry, ash, poplar, maple, oak and walnut.

Solid wood furniture has always retained its style because craftsmen can etch out beautiful pieces as the wood is very versatile. Solid wood is available in different colors and various grains. Wood used for making solid wooden furniture is usually distinguished as hardwood and softwood. The classification isn’t based on the strength of the wood used but the behavior of the wood inside the forest. While a softwood tree would retain its leaves all throughout the year, a hardwood tree loses its leaves occasionally.

Various types of wood are used for the making of cabinets, chairs, dressers, table and various other home furniture accessories. In fact, there are over 2,000 varieties of wood that can be used for making these accessories. The most common choices are redwood, poplar, maple, pine, walnut, ash, oak and cherry.

Solid wooden furniture manufactured from mahogany and teak is usually more costly compared to other hardwood furniture. Even these pieces of wooden furniture can be bought for a less price from furniture outlets. You only have to find the correct outlet that deals in these woods. Be wary of nondescript furniture outlets that often deal in fake woods but charge the earth to the customer.

Softwood furniture, on the other hand, is an economical option compared to hardwood. They are pliable and can be used in various types of furniture. Softwood, however, isn’t long lasting and often calls for regular replacement.

If you’re in awe of solid wooden furniture but can’t afford it because of the costs, you can go for the inexpensive and mass produced furniture manufactured from composites like pressed wood, plywood and particle board. Unlike the solid wood, such woods don’t expand or shrink. They, however, lack the durability and strength of solid wooden furniture and also don’t sport the grainy textures that consumers look for while buying solid wooden furniture.

Homeowners, wanting to have solid wooden furniture in the outdoors must buy wooden furniture that can withstand the heat and moisture as well as the sharp changes in weather.