Wintertime Carpet Care Essential for Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air quality of homes and businesses is essential to the health of its occupants. Every indoor location, whether it’s a house, hospital, office complex or factory, has contaminants. How much of them are present is determined by a number of factors, such as the materials used for construction and how cleanly the place is. Carpet cleaning using mediocre portable machines isn’t going to help in places where there’s a lot of soiling. This is why many professional carpet cleaners use truck mounted restoration equipment.

One study done by the CDC says that we spend about 40 hours weekly inside of office buildings. Combine this with the amount of time we spend in our homes and other enclosed environments where we sleep, drink and eat. About 90 percent of Americans’ time is spent inside. Because of this, the roles of professional cleaners has become vital to the health of men, women and children across America. Your role as a cleaning professional is especially important in commercial spaces where indoor toxicity can be even higher.

Worse During the Winter

During the bitter cold months of winter, most people are inside of their home. Aside from walking to their transportation of choice, they are inside working, eating and resting. Even entertainment is spent indoors. Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when dirt and grime is at its highest, thanks to dirt, mud, dust, slush and rainwater.

Because we spend less time outdoors with fresher air, we are forced to breathe in these indoor toxins. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor pollutants can be two to five times higher than outside. In some areas, it’s 100 times higher. These numbers are concerning, given the fact most of us believe that outside air is dirtier due to cars, airplanes, trucks and factories. In reality, the inside of our workplaces and homes contain harmful contaminants.

The Role of Carpets

The carpet inside of a home or facility plays a big role in indoor air quality. Your carpets are known to trap in all sorts of debris, dirt and bacteria, especially if individuals are walking on them with the shoes they walk outside in. In a sense, carpets are a giant filter, but not the good kind. It’s important to express this to your clientele, so they know the importance of having their carpets cleaned regularly throughout the year, and especially during winter. You can use commercial portable or truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment, such as steam cleaners and wet vacs to help keep their floors looking good and free of harmful toxins.

Carpets are a silent “killer” because they may look clean, but are in fact laden with grime. In fact, it could be holding twice the weight of dirt than what they appear to have. This is particularly an issue in areas with high traffic. This is where pollutants are concentrated and spread to other areas of the property. People are consistently tracking in snow, slush, dirt and salt each time they come in.

The best way to circumvent this problem is to place quality rugs at every entrance and exit for people to wipe their feet. Residents can ask their guests and family members to remove their shoes upon entrance as well. Commercial property owners should ensure their maintenance crew is cleaning high-traffic areas multiple times throughout the day. Homeowners should also engage in a more rigorous cleaning routine to maintain their floors. You can inform them of the best non-commercial portable carpet cleaning machines to use in between professional cleanings, this way, your job isn’t as problematic the next time you come.

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